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What gets checked?

I care just as much about the quality and accuracy of your transcript as you do. Your success is my success, after all! Here's a list of what I look out for in each and every file:


  • Commas, semicolons, dashes, apostrophes, periods

  • Quotations (direct, indirect, quoted material, quotes within quotes)

  • Hyphenation (open, closed, superlative)

  • Dependent and independent clauses

  • Direct address


  • Court and parties to case (defendant, counsel, plaintiff)

  • Titles and qualifications

  • Document and exhibit names

Word Usage

  • Homophones (ensure/insure, their/they're/there)

  • Misspellings

  • Transposed or dropped words


  • Exhibit labeling

  • Attorney and firm names

  • Appearance page contact information

  • Names

  • Dates


  • Case style

  • By-lines and colloquy

  • Q & A

  • Justification and spacing

  • Paragraphing

  • Appearances, cover page, certificates

Grammer Editing
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