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Transcript proofreading

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Are you a court reporter looking for a proofreader you can trust?

As an experienced proofreader of legal transcripts, I understand that your reputation relies on accuracy, readability, and consistency in your work – the three elements I help you deliver each time you trust with me with your transcript.

I've meticulously combed through thousands of pages, finding errors related to:

  • punctuation

  • capitalization

  • spelling and word use

  • formatting

Susan Kim | CSR

"Catherine is a great proofreader to work with. She’s always responsive to communication, very thorough in her work, and transcripts are always on time."


Brianna Figueras | CSR

"Do you know how long I’ve searched for a proofreader who has the kind of eye for detail you do? I would LOVE to continue working together if you’ll have me. Your work is incredible."

Chung il Kwon | CSR

"Thanks so much for this. I appreciate all the hard work and your attention to detail! So impressed!"

I'm experienced in proofreading various legal proceedings

As a seasoned transcript proofreader, I have proofread depositions, hearings, EUOs, and others. Subject matters have ranged from workers’ compensation to medical malpractice to construction and insurance.


I’ll work to your exact preferences

Once I accept you as a new client, I will ask you to complete a Reporter Preferences Sheet. This will ensure my work is tailored to your exact needs.

I’ve completed specific training

I’ve completed the Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice™ course, which involved proofreading thousands of transcript pages and passing two exams.

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